Tryke Black Label: Black Label is our core tier of flower, culled from vintage genetic ancestry from all over the globe. These classic, traditional and value priced strains allow for greater quantities at an affordable cost to the consumer.

Tryke Gold Label: Our Gold Label line is carefully selected from some of the finest genetics on the planet, encompassing many of our most popular strains. Gold is for the slightly more discerning patient, one who doesn’t mind investing a little extra to insure a greater, more pleasurable effect.

Tryke Platinum: Platinum is our premium line of superior grade flower, an exceptional batch of scarce strains reserved only for the most sophisticated taster. This exquisite blend of top shelf selections is cultivated with pristine, meticulous care, yielding only small batches at a time. Tryke Platinum characteristically preserves the richness of the terpene flavors and produces a beautifully euphoric sensation.

Tryke Diamond: The scarce, aristocratic Diamond designation is saved only for our most sought-after, mythical top shelf strains, such as Khalifa Kush line. These arresting, aromatic selections are engineered only for the aficionado, providing both a unique appearance and otherworldly experience.

Khalifa Kush: Founded by Wiz Khalifa, “K.K.,” as it is sometimes called, is one of the most popular strains on the market and the industry leader in the celebrity-branded cannabis arena. Tryke Companies is the first company to cultivate Khalifa Kush on a mass scale, in partnership with Wiz himself. Khalifa Kush is in high demand, quickly selling out each time a batch is released. Khalifa Kush products are available exclusively at Reef in Nevada and Arizona.

Tryke Concentrates: While cannabis is historically mainly consumed using its budded plant form, numerous scientific breakthroughs have been discovered over the years with extracts. We produce our own in-house extracts called Tryke Concentrates, which yield much higher THC levels, sometimes up to 80%. Tryke Concentrates are available in each shatter, crumble, rosin, and budder consistencies, and also offered via preloaded cartridges and dabbable syringes.